Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dr. Geek and The Freakshow

For most people the world of Horror-Punk with a couple of exceptions has been stagnant for a couple years. As a fan of the genre its a pleasure to get your hands not only on a quality done CD but a band that lives up to the hype. Dr. Geek and The Freakshow have outdone themselves with The Wolfman...And Other Stories From The Lab. Let's get one thing out of the way this is a punk album with horror images and lyrics. First and foremost for the band seems to be their musicianship and for a punk band these cats can flat out play. One of the most important things for a good punk album is , does it have a catchy hook and their are plenty of tracks that pull you in and make you wanna open a six pack of beer do a shot and just sit back and relax. That being said there are moments where they fall back into what haunts the genre of Horror-Punk they try to be the next Misfit's or a imitation of where the band left off when Graves and Dr. Chud left. It's not a bad thing for fans of the style but it doesn't really push the boundaries and try to push the genre in a new dimension. Tracks that stand out to me are The Wolfman and Back From The Dead they are tight musically and have that catch every punk song needs. If your a fan of Horror-Punk this a must have. If you like straight up punk theirs even something there for you. This album is what it is a good example of Horror-Punk the only down side is what makes it a good album also makes it just a ok album its almost just a little to same old same old for the casual fan but we give it......

   3 1/2 Wolf Tails out of 5  

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